Exercise 4: Diagonals

This exercise is a continuation from the previous on lines, moving on from horizontal and vertical to diagonal lines. I found this relatively easy, as with the previous to do, finding examples quite commonly, as horizontal and vertical images can become of diagonal appearance when changing perspective and angle of view.

IMG_2184I really like this first image to show diagonals, the converging lines all running to a single point show many diagonals around the image and coupled with the black and white it makes for a very interesting abstract image.

IMG_2501This image is an example of perspective having on lines in a photograph, from head on these books would be giving us vertical and horizontal lines but by moving to the sign we get an interesting and textured diagonal line through the image, also giving us a rhythm.
IMG_3008This dark and moody image creates an interesting diagonal into the image, using the narrow path to create the lines and by capturing the light just right the reflection on the path gives us an added diagonal deep into the picture.  The fence panels on the left, both top and bottom give us diagonal, also the zig zag line through the middle add an interesting aspect.
IMG_3052This architectural image uses the lines of the building, and windows to give an interesting view on diagonals. from a rather horizontal lines at the corner of the building. I like the contrast of this image and fill the colours really add to the impact the diagonal lines make.

I think this exercise in similar ways to the previous helped me to see in more of a technical mind set what is around me, lines are always there and to create an image around them specifically is easier said than done, however given the right composition each line can be given the emphasise required. I found finding these images to be an interesting task, in not only seeing them but working out a composition to suit them as the smalls difference gave a different perspective and result.



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