Exercise 3: Horizontal and Vertical Lines

In this exercise I will be looking at lines within an image, firstly vertical and horizontal, with the following images being of actual lines as opposed to implied lines.


IMG_2631This initial image has the horizontal obvious as the bank of the lake, the interesting texture and depth of field ensures that this stands out for the viewer, while the added interest of the dragonfly slightly off center adds to the interest of the image as the main focal point.

IMG_2970This image of a textured old wall in Southampton gives certainly gives an impact with the lines of the brickwork being an interest feature, especially when broken up by the plaster, which gives it context and depth.

IMG_3274This black and white image of a staircase uses the light and shade to produce to dominant horizontal lines working through the image giving depth, the hand rails picking up the light also give an added dimension of diagonals converging within the image.


This landscape of the Southampton skyline captures two obvious horizontal lines, firstly the horizon, although cut by the large shopping center gives a prominent line which is then matched with the parallel line of the underside of the clouds.


IMG_3229The verticals in this image are quite apparent in the background but the reflection in the large puddle in the foreground really emphasise them well, insuring the continuation of the lines make them stand out.
IMG_3236The small repetitive verticals in this image, being the sides of each window working there way vertical along the image, this coupled with the angle of view as the building gets further away in the image adds to the interest of the verticals.

IMG_3036This image is perhaps my favourite of the four, although subtle and lacking depth the verticals in this image are obvious and interesting, giving a very abstract view of the image.

IMG_3010This last image of the four was taken firstly for the lines, the corrugated iron fence giving an interesting line effect both in the highlights and lowlights but also the change int texture gives the image an added difference and draws the eye.

In conclusion I found this to be a very simple yet interesting exercise which was very instinctive with capturing horizontal and verticals which are obvious in the world around us. I feel I have thought outside the box in a number of occasions well and also taken lines within an image perhaps sometimes overlooked and made them apparent, for example the clouds in the landscape. The impact lines have on images are overwhelming, with lines being one of the basic structures of an image, they guide the viewer through the image while also creating depth and direction.


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