Exercise 6 – Review a Portrait Sequence

The aim of this exercise was to review and analyse a Portrait sequence within a portrait sitting, I had chosen to combine this exercise with the images used for the eye contact and facial expressions exercise in this same part.  I have taken the images using studio lighting, quite even and with a rather standard composition throughout the selection, varying mainly from the orientation.

I initially noted that I felt it would be very difficult to choose one image that was the best because I felt there was a wide amount of expressions that gave a number of images a difference and a certain amount of interest. So therefore I started with the 25 images seen below.

AllThese images were all taken using a tripod, taking my time between individual compositions where possible to ensure I frame the image to what I want. I had lit these images using 2 studio lights, both with soft boxes, positioned evenly from the subject, the main light pointing down at a 45 degree angle to the right while the second light is eye level at 2 stops lower than the primary.

I used the survey view in Lightroom to compare and whittle down the images, comparing them as sequences to a final point and also as individual images I slowly managed to, with the help of my notes from the time choose a sequence which I felt was very good at maintaining a theme while also progressing the emotion as we continued.

SequenceI felt this sequence of images, the final four images of the shoot show an interesting development of emotions and composition, these images compared to the others maintain an improvement and thought process which when referring to my notes enables me to understand this was the culmination of continued direction from me. I feel each image is softly lit and is suitable for each image, the compositions although slightly similar with the first three, differ with focal length and placement of the model and by using a portrait orientation for the final image with the added aspect of the models hand this gives the hand more room so it doesn’t look squashed or out of place.



Contrary to the better sequence this is my favourite of the complete shoot, I feel that the tight framing and eye contact give a really powerful feel to the image with the placement of the hand adds an extra dimension to the emotive look and also an added interest for the viewer. I think the lighting suits this image very well, the softness really draws the viewer into the models eyes and coupled with the emotion shown you really manage to relate to how he is feeling.





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