Exercise 3 – Experimenting With Light

This exercise can lead to a number of possibilities as the use of lighting can be very vast and unique. It was certainly apparent in the brief to think more towards natural lighting situations which is why the majority of the images are, however I have captured two using studio lighting as I certainly really enjoy using it and the control you can have.

The first selection of portraits were taken on location, they all show varied lighting and the effect it has on a model. It was quite a bright day, so using this and the shadows it created gave for an interesting opportunity.

IMG_2537This image shows the model at a 45 degree angle with a gentle light from behind, this accentuates the line shape of the face and torso while also giving a little light onto the face. This a relatively dark portrait which doesn’t give much to the viewer on the model but its an interesting lighting set up.

IMG_2543This tight portrait focuses on the the models face and upper torso, the light is strong from the right hand side casting the left of the face in shadow, this is a very moody and textured effect and can really work well black and white. I really like the lighting on this image, its soft yet harsh enough to light well and evenly yet the tonal range is very pleasing.

IMG_2544This image, using the shadow behind the model really helps draw out the skin tones of the model, while giving the lighter area further back really helps to give the model context. While also the slight angle of the model helps to use his shape as an extra aspect to work with the lighting.

IMG_2545This was an experimental image to try which I thought used the light in a opposite way, using the light to expose the torso and background and leaving the face in a slight shadow it rearranges what is commonly used as negative space. This airs some element of mystery and interest.

IMG_2790This image, taken within the studio shows the model with even and soft lighting. This captures the model with no shadows or darker areas giving an overall natural plain photograph, I have used the light here to compliment the model and show even lighting compared to the other images.


This on the other hand to the previous image, again in the studio shows what an uneven lighting can do on a plain background, The shadows and tonal range work really well and in turn this adds to the interest for the viewer. I think this image could be vastly improved by the reflection in the glasses, this can certainly take my eye from the model in general.

I really enjoyed this exercise, I found it to be interesting and informative in thinking about lighting and its different effect both obviously and secondly on the feel of an image, I think its something I would really like to look at more to really understand the effect of lighting and there benefits and in turn negatives on specific images.







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