Exercise 8 – Varying The Pose

After researching poses, there uses, attributes and applications I put together a selection of varied poses that I feel are aesthetically pleasing and work well in there composition. As with a lot of photography it is important to continue the overall feel of the image throughout the composition, technique, expressions, model, props and poses. The pose, along with facial expression and in some cases eye contact are the main aspects of a model, these three things give the viewer all the information they need on how the model feels. The pose can be seductive, shy, exuberant, happy or sad. This could be depicted with a model standing, sitting, slouching, laying down and crouched over to name but a few examples, these all show an emotion or issue be it good or bad.

I have selected a number of images from google that I have come across that I have enjoyed and feel they are both good and bad examples on poses.

The images below are a few examples on poses and how different positions of the body can depict different outcomes.IMG_2938First this image shows a wide angled image of a model sat relaxed and at home in a high backed chair. The choice of having the arms open and on each arm shows a willingness and open nature however on the lower half of the body, the legs crossed and to one side contradict this and give the impression of a closed off person. However taking into consideration that the model is relaxed and making eye contact it would seem they are open and happy.


This second image shows a full body image of the model stood leaning against a kitchen side, this pose again shows a relaxed nature, however the models facial expression contradicts this, looking in pain or unhappy. This pose would work well within a business setting, an executive stood at their desk. However within this setting the pose doesn’t seem to fit in.


Thirdly this relaxed image the model is completely comfortable, this variation of the image is the most successful because by having one leg up and both hands visible it shows a complete person, giving the viewer the complete picture. This also works better as the composition suits the setting and pose well, ensuring the model is well proportioned in the frame as to not lose any of the pose.


Finally this last image was an interesting take on the exercise, this black and white image gives an eerie feel to the image, which coupled with the facial expression and placement of the hands gives the impression that he is relaxed but serious. I like this overall image, I feel everything compliments the pose, and by cropping out the lower half the body it really focuses the viewer on what is the focal point.

In conclusion I feel this exercise, along with the facial expression and eye contact one has given me a continued understanding on the effect a model has on the image, and how it is imperative to the success of the image that what you are aiming for is achieved as this has a major effect on the final photograph. I also found that when looking at different poses the opportunities are abundant and that there is certainly particular poses that suit certain occasions.


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