Exercise 7: Focal Length

The aim of this exercise is to show and understand what taking portraits at different focal lengths gives us in a way of results and on what effects this has on the subject. I took a number of images through the complete range of focal lengths available to me, from 300mm to 18mm. I aimed to keep my model in the same position for each image only slightly varying the composition with subtle movements of myself moving towards him. Each image is labelled with its focal length and my camera has a crop factor of 1.5.






IMG_2854 35mmIMG_285518mmIMG_2856

300mm to 55mm showed very minimal difference in the subject, mainly being the depth appearing to get deeper as the focal length decreases, This is a result of the distortion effects at higher focal lengths compacting the image to appear flatter. The 55mm image is perhaps the most honest images of the selection, showing the subject in proportion and with minimal distortions. However when we get to the wide angle 18mm the image is clearly suffering from barrel distortion pulling the center of the subject towards the camera resulting in a poor image.


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