Exercise 4: An Active Portrait

For this exercise I took to the streets of Winchester on a wet market day, approaching members of the public to pose for images, finding a number of willing and fun models I put forward my ideas, trying to take the best of the surroundings and weather to create interesting images. Firstly I spoke to a couple walking along a sodden high street after noticing there reflection, I asked permission and explained what I was looking to do and why and they happily agreed. So after asking them to walk casually towards me actively looking around and walking I managed to snap this interesting portrait of the two of them while also using the context of the surroundings and reflection to compliment the models.

IMG_1988I am really very fond of this image, I feel it is interesting and emotive while also showing great depth with the shadow and high street, the couple look taken with something to the side, a shop perhaps, which in turn gives the viewer and interest as to what has drawn there attention.

This second image was taken amongst the market of a stall holder, amongst this reasonably busy day he was quietly sat behind his stall on his mobile, the juxtaposition of this is what gave this image its interest. After managing to snap a couple of images of him I then approached to explain what I had done and why, he was very happy with the images and permission was given for this use. I think in hindsight this does not completely comply with the exercise brief as I did not discuss before hand with the model what was required, this perhaps makes it into a street photography portrait, however I felt that it was an interesting active portrait so thought it warranted entry.



As mentioned above, I really like this image, I feel it is interesting and compelling, however I think it isn’t as strong as the previous image and I am unsure if the blue cable gives the photograph depth or just tends to take the viewers eye to much.

Overall I found this to be a very fun and interesting exercise, I enjoyed approaching people and discussing the ideas with them and also felt that portrait photography was an extremely interesting genre.



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