Exercise 1: Portrait – Scale and Setting

For my first exercise in the People and Place course I have chosen a relatively idyllic location of Winchester Cathedral, this coupled with my willing model made for a very interesting and straight forward shoot that This public location gave me an added aspect to incorporate, rather than just communicating with the model, keeping them at ease and relaxed I had to be aware of the people around us. All these images were taken with the natural light and all placements of the model were under direction of myself.





The only image of the four that I am unhappy is with is the close up on the face, I feel that this image although gives an intense and focused feel from it is lacking something which I feel is very important in portrait photography, context. Compare this with the portrait focusing on the head, torso and hands which I feel is the strongest image of the group, the contrasts of light and dark and tonal range work really well while the obvious lighter hands against the dark fabric really make them stand out as a feature of the portrait.


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