Exercise 4: Your Camera’s Dynamic Range

In this exercise I followed the course guides recommendation of using a front door area, I then used the white side of my 32 inch reflector and set up 12 feet away using a tripod. I have exposed this image just short of any highlight clipping on the reflector.

IMG_2458I took this image at f5.6 at a speed of 1/1000th of a second, this enabled me to photograph the scene with a correct exposure on the reflector and windowsills this also in turn gave me deep shadows both beside the wall and through the door. After I exposed for the highlights I again did so for the shadows, the doorway being the darkest and again with the shadows from the wall. I found when photographing the darker areas although noise was apparent as I had photographed them at ISO 100 it was a very small amount and not viewable at full screen.

In this instance the dynamic range of the camera is 6 stops, however with this being a fair few below what I was expecting and have subsequently researched I feel that I I perhaps did not push the camera, highlights and shadows far enough which is what resulted in this low score.  However I did find this to be a thought provoking and scientifically interesting exercise which has taught me a great deal as to what I can push my camera too and still get results.


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