Exercise 3: Your Tolerance for Noise

Within this exercise I have experimented with noise, and the effects this has on images over a range of ISO settings within a contrasting setting. I chose this setting at the medieval kitchen within St Cross Hospital in Winchester as it gave me an interesting setting while also textured and untextured surfaces.

IMG_2723This is the overall image.

IMG_2723I have cropped in on a section of the image that shows highlight, shadow, texture and untextured, this can therefore give us a clear overview on how noise can effect an image across different situations. This image was taken at ISO 100 and clearly shows no noise in either the darks, lights, highlights or shadows while also being relatively sharp considering the crop.

IMG_2724This image was taken at ISO 200 and again clearly shows a very similar image to the first.

IMG_2725Taken at ISO 400 we now start to see a small amount of noise in the shadows, on the textured brick and the plain wall. However this seems to be the only area so far.

IMG_2726At ISO 800 we clearly start to see some noise not only in the shadows but also in the darker areas around the image.


ISO 1600 clearly shows noise throughout the image, from highlights to shadows, darks lights and textured and untextured all show an element of noise, mostly the shadows however give the largest indication while also the textures all show an amount of noise throughout.


At ISO 3200, the highest setting I could use the noise is clearly over powering and not only does it effect the image throughout areas it also detracts from the sharpness and detail.

This was a real eye-opener exercise in showing the difference in noise between the dark and light ends of the image’s histogram.


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