Exercise 1: Sensor Linear Capture

This exercise asks us to investigate linear capture on a digital sensor, and how the camera sensor sees the image before it is processed in camera.

CurvesThis is the curves that I added to the image to show the original capture before being processed which resulted into the image below on the left with the original being on the right.

Before and after

With CurveThis histogram shows the image on the left with the curve applied, and the one below shows the image on the right, the original.

Without Curve


I then attempted to redo the curves on the image aiming to bring it back to how it was previously. It resulted in the image below on the left although looking again similar to the original the area of shadows was in fact lighter with a higher chance of noise affecting them.

Redo Curves

Redone ImagesThe exercise in general shows what happens in camera before we get to see on the display, highlighting the job of the sensor and camera processor. It also shows me what can be brought back into detail from an underexposed image rather than an over exposed photograph which I will consider on images that are a little underexposed in the future. However avoiding underexposure is significantly important to avoid noise in the image so there is a fine line between the outcomes and uses.


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