Exercise 2: Your Own Workflow 2

I decided to spend a few hours on street photography for this exercise so while in Winchester photographing for exercise 1 I then spent some more time on the high street and surrounding areas capturing the scenes. It was an overcast day and at times drizzly which I felt only added to the interest of the images. As with this style of photography the number of images taken is unknown and continuously changes with whats in front of you. With the overcast weather and constant light changes on the high street I was constantly adapting the settings to ensure the best images possible however on times I would get it wrong, I would therefore through out the hours I was photographing constantly review and delete obvious mistakes and poor timings of spoiled compositions.

Receive brief


I created this flow chart based on my previous experiences when doing street photography, taking a very focused view on planning and preparation to ensure all time spent photographing was productive. As with street photography it is very good to be as quick as possible, capturing the split second of a moment that is fleeting means moving quickly and being constantly aware this leaves for a relatively simple shooting period, relying on the photographer and their camera.


After a few hours of shooting and with a continuous editing process while out, I came to this selection of 98 images of which I have reduced this down to 11 images of which I am satisfied as shown below. I have removed images for being slightly lacking in focus, aesthetic qualities and not portraying my initial idea well.



These final 11 images show a selection of the best from the shoot, varying widely from people, architecture and abstract this gives an interesting insight to that area on this specific day. I have then looked at which of these images are stronger than the others in a review process when combined with the rating system of Lightroom 5.


I have settled on these final images due to there ability to work well together and individually, each capturing different people in different locations with different frames while also using black & white which really works well with street photography.

In conclusion I found the workflow to be suitable if not slightly to much with regards to this scenario, apart from checking the weather and if there are any events going on street photography can be rather free in letting yourself go and seeing what you can see, creating images where before perhaps you didn’t see. I think something where you are looking to create certain shots of a location, building or person this workflow could be very well suited however it has certainly shown me the potential of certain aspects of it, for example the rating system within Lightroom and also the methodical approach to ensure everything required is considered regardless of what it is or the amount.




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