Exercise 1: Your Own Workflow 1

For this exercise I was thinking deeply on my already settled upon workflow, how I could go about explaining it. Once I had written down in a flowchart (shown below) my workflow I decided to set about completing the exercise and producing the portrait images whilst adhering to the workflow I had set myself.

For this time limited shoot I selected a small secluded garden just outside Winchester Cathedral, this gave me a more private area to work without the distraction of passing traffic of people. It also gave the images an interesting back ground when the composition was varied to find the best image. With limited time I was pressed to move quickly, I moved around the subject, keeping the camera to my eye and finding interesting and different positions in which to shot from, this gave me constant development and hopefully improvement. With a sequence of 40 images within a timescale of 15 minutes I was able to produce a wide range of images that varied in composition, pose, expression and interest.

Flow Chart

A few days later I then reviewed the images, using a creative judgement on the successful nature of what I had produced. having viewed all the images I was able to discard the majority of them leaving four final images to chose from. I removed images for various reasons, mainly for poor composition, model not being in a pleasing position or for being over exposed.


Final 4

After carefully inspecting each image on its strengths and weaknesses I came to a final decision of two images. I was able to do this by using the rating system within Lightroom, giving these four image an initial five stars set them out from the rest when it came to selecting the best and after a review I was satisfied in my decision.

Final 2

This left these two as the final images selected to be edited into a finished article to be published however required. I chose these two because of the expression, the models pose within the first image and the interesting composition of the second all added to them being interesting photographs.


In conclusion I found that the workflow I had adhered to during this exercise was well suited for the brief, enabling me to have a large amount of control over what needed to be done to ensure the success. I will attempt where possible again when working to a structured brief over a relatively small timescale to use this workflow which I believe focuses on planning and preparation to ensure the time spent on location is productive and successful.


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