Assignment 1: Contrast – Feedback

Yesterday I received my tutor feedback for the very first assignment on contrasts, with this being the first opportunity to see where I stand amongst the degree program. I found the feedback to be extremely helpful and easy to understand and appreciate when looking back over the assignment while also finding it to really boost my confidence.

“This is meticulous work showing a thoughtful and at times creative response to the assignment brief. There is a high technical standard for this level and a fluency with the language of photography, which makes for a good basis from which to explore deeper meanings and creative possibilities of the module.”

Firstly the overall comments were very kind and I really enjoyed reading them, I found they matched the amount of thought and effort I put into this first assignment. Although there were some overall comments about my use of Photoshop and Lightroom, being to much which now I know I completely understand, which is why I was looking forward to getting the first set of feedback.

The specific points of the images are as followed:

IMG_1651 copy-2 IMG_1323S

These two images were singled out as the images most effected by the use of Photoshop and Lightroom, and understandably so, with the first image it is solely the use of the image manipulation which creates the contrast of rough and smooth. Along with the second image that uses an added technique of creating a sun beam from the lit windows. Although this is more subtle than the previous the image rests upon the lines to form the contrast.



With my image of low the tutor felt that by not showing the horizon it does not give a strong enough idea of the brief, I completely agree with this and by comparing it to the second image by Bruce Gilden you can see how this small change in perspective really gives you a much stronger sense of low.

IMG_1738 IMG_1697

These to images were considered due to the lack of difference in subject and the only small difference in composition that they were restricted in what they could of shown, also that the black and white was unnecessary while also detracts from the pairing as the other is colour. As strong as I believe the “moving” image to be I completely agree that the difference in black & white and colour really spoils the pair and the contrast could have been shown far better using separate subjects.

IMG_1651 copy-2

The image for rough and smooth as mentioned previously in regards to the use of image manipulation was also commented on in regards to my lack of comments on the model themselves, by this I mean the facial expression, I did comment on the lighting but next I need to relate that to the model and the effects it has.

Please find below a link to the feedback received:



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