Exercise 9: Cropping

With this exercise I took the opportunity to revisit images I had taken when photographing the UK Ultimate Frisbee Championships, The Great Dorset Steam Festival and while out in Romsey.

While looking at these images it was very interesting to see what could be found within them and if there are any smaller focal points that can take the forefront that I may have missed first time round.

IMG_0001 Crop IMG_9301I have cropped this image closer onto the subject, reducing the dead space manly from above. However the position the subject is in still leaves enough negative space to retain the subjects context.

IMG_0049 IMG_0003 Crop

With this image I have cropped this to give the people between the steam engines more of a prominent placement, this draws them into the image more focusing the viewer on them while also retaining the context and interest elsewhere.

IMG_0002 Crop IMG_9073

This image of a butterfly resting on a flower was captured very quickly without time to really think about the composition, therefore the crop is rather substantial and really brings out the detail of the butterfly which also improves the balance of the image.


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