Exercise 8 – Vertical and Horizontal Frames

So for this exercise I ventured out to Winchester Cathedral, this beautiful piece of architecture is perfectly suited for both landscape and portrait, with being very wide and high, however wether each composition could work in both would be interesting.

IMG_1089 IMG_1085

For the first set of images I photographed along the naive of the Cathedral, firstly composing the vertical image, I stood of center for this image as I felt It created interesting lines and drew the eye further along while also giving the viewer more idea of the scale and height of the building as compared to the horizontal orientation which from the center of the cathedral creates an interesting and symmetrical image. Overall I feel the vertical picture gives a more pleasing composition.

IMG_1096 IMG_1097

These close up compositions of the row upon row of chairs within the Cathedral give a real vastness feel within each image. I like both as I feel they each show what I was aiming for however the horizontal image shows it better and with more of an impact of the repetition along with the larger hint of the yellow which I feel give this image an extra focal point which helps pull the eye.

IMG_1099 IMG_1100

These images are both very interesting and really show the shallow depth of field I was aiming for, I like both images, especially the horizontal as I feel this shows the depth of field more strongly along with the slightly more view of the chairs which I feel give the foreground more context.

IMG_1102 IMG_1104

These architectural images are very interesting and really both draw the viewers eye in and around the image with the column and lines in the roof, I feel the vertical composition is more interesting and gives the illusion of granger and height.

IMG_1108 IMG_1111

I really like both of these images, the light and shadow work really well and the viewers eye really gets shown all over the image, I also feel the balance with the foreground light and the shadow on the right really help to bring out the depth between the arch. Out of the two I really feel the vertical image really captures the view the best, this is also because the vertical lines of the columns and the arches really call out to be followed which a vertical image will do.

IMG_1117 IMG_1116

These images really capture the light and dark superbly, the texture given in the wall really brings out the depth and interest while the flags add an extra focal point that draw the viewer deeper into the photograph, however I feel the vertical image to be superior as I feel it is an interesting image with the flags acting as points of interest however the horizontal is more of an image of the flags and lacks the amount of interest as the vertical.

IMG_1122 IMG_1123

IMG_1137 IMG_1138

IMG_1192 IMG_1193

IMG_1208 IMG_1209

IMG_1233 IMG_1235

IMG_1243 IMG_1244

IMG_1272 IMG_1273

IMG_1276 IMG_1277

IMG_1291 IMG_1292

IMG_1281 IMG_1282

IMG_1312 IMG_1313

IMG_1323 IMG_1324

IMG_1338 IMG_1339

IMG_1378 IMG_1386

I really enjoyed this exercise as it really made me think about the composition and seeing which images would be best in vertical or horizontal. From this exercise i’ve found that it is very much down to the individuals eye and what they see, some images really do suit one or the other which I feel is strongly linked to the lines within the image, the eye likes to follow the lines we see and allowing it to do that as much as possible draws the viewer in further and coupled with an interesting composition and subject it can really create a superb photograph.


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