Exercise 7 – Positioning the Horizon

In this exercise Im to look at how the position of the horizon, especially when the main focus point in an image can effect the composition. I chose this view as it gave an uninterrupted view of the horizon coupled with a busy foreground, and at the time quite a moody sky. I started with the placement of the horizon at the top of the image as I felt this captured the foreground and the complete view of the large blue building and its surroundings.


Looking at this image a few days later I feel that the composition and overall feel of the image is lacking, however it does show depth and by having the horizon higher up it certainly focuses you more on the foreground. I feel the prominence given to the foreground is fairly overpowering and this results in a unbalanced image.


By lowering the horizon to about 2/3rd of the way up it gives a far more interesting image, reducing the overpowering foreground it couples it with an interesting and moody sky. By still keeping the horizon higher in the image it still offers the same depth to the foreground.


In this image I placed the horizon dead center, by doing this it certainly gives the moody sky more of a role in the image but by not having more of the sky or foreground it creates a rather static image which does nothing to emphasise either aspects of the image.


With this image I composed it to tightly frame the blue building with the horizon at about a third of the way up, this gives the powerful sky prominence in the image which compliments the building in colour and interest. However this view does reduce the amount of depth in the foreground effecting how the building sits in its surroundings.


I then placed the horizon further down the image, this now becomes a very overpowering image of a sky, perhaps more so than a landscape, the hint of land does give the image context but very little.


This image, showing only a very small portion of land really focuses on the sky and its colours. As with the image above this is slowly pulling away from a landscape and becoming a photo of the sky. The extreme prominence given to the sky is overpowering in a landscape composition and fails in drawing the viewers eye around the image as it becomes rather flat.

Taking into account each different image and the placements of the horizon I can see a time when each could possible be the best choice for a specific image, however I feel that to create the most pleasing composition the horizon should be placed along either horizontal rule of thirds guide, this therefore gives, depending on what your trying to show, an equal amount of space and can also add to the composition if framing the landscape with some added elements.


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