Exercise 6: Balance

This exercise is to help understand the elements of a photograph and how the connections of them can alter and effect the overall quality of the image.

I decided to use 3 images each from  recent visits to both a classic car show and also Winchester Cathedral as each image I think gives an interesting view on balance and the aspects of the photos effects.

IMG_0774IMG_0774 Scale

This first image of a wing mirror covered in water droplets is an extremely close up photo which used the shallow depth of field against the sharpness to balance the image. I have circled the focused areas in yellow, showing one larger and another smaller area which is again shown in the scales, this is complimented by the opposite of sizes in the our of focus areas with the smaller area of yellow together with the larger green and vice versa, I think this coupled with the position of the bottom line of the  wing mirror in the image to make it an interesting and successful image based on balance.

IMG_0795 IMG_0795 Scale

This image of the Ferrari badge on the bonnet of a grey Ferrari seems to be a colour-flash image, however this is simply the colour of the car, coupled with the lighter decals of the light grey areas bordered with black along the diagonals. This image has a very strong contrast and really draws the eye to the yellow, which bordered by the areas highlighted in green give it an extra platform to be stand out from, this coupled with the water droplets which add a dimension to this image that pulls the viewers eye around the image more so than without ensure this balanced image has a lot to offer.

IMG_1051 IMG_1051 Scale

This moody image taken of a black Ferrari really stood out to me in regards to balance, the areas in yellow show the lightest parts of the car, and therefore pull in the viewers eye to focus on them, the other highlights compliment these but are not as strong. The small space around the car gives it context but is not enough nor light enough to have any real effect on the subject matter of the image other than to compliment.

IMG_1099 IMG_1099 Scale

This image taken at Winchester Cathedral shows three focal points in the foreground of the image, the balance of this image is coupled with the the lines in background which continue the balance and compliment the focal points evenly in size and position.

IMG_1108 IMG_1108 Scale

This image is a delicate balance as a whole while also of the light and shade being used to highlight the focal points and also by complimenting it and giving the image depth. The large archways and lighter area are the first focal points, really taking the views eye, it is then the light on the column draws the viewers eye to its position and the subtle light it produces. These two areas of interest are bordered by two areas either side that help focus the viewers eye which help to produce an interesting and balanced image.

IMG_1155 IMG_1155 Scale

This is a peculiar image in as much as a your initial focus point is dead center in what is amongst the second, as depicted in the scale diagram. The viewers eye is drawn outward in interest of what it is, and this chandelier from this unusual angle is captured exploiting the lines of the chandelier to extend your eye while also using the lines in the converging walls and roof to bring your eye back to the focal point. I feel it is balanced by the sizes of the focal compared to the surroundings and also the depth of field used and its also an interesting image that gives the viewer a  lot to look at and take in.

I enjoyed rebooking at a number of images and analysing them in this way, by looking at this I could find ways in which it was balanced and perhaps not but overall I feel the images are balanced and I consider this in my initial composition when taking the images.


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