Exercise 1: Fitting the Frame to the Subject

For this exercise I used my bird bath in the garden for a subject as its interesting lines would look good, I started with this quick image capture without any thought.

IMG_1445This very brief image shows the birdbath center frame without any interest or thought it gives the impression of a snapshot.

IMG_1446By focusing tightly on the birdbath it gives the subject more substance as it removes a lot of the unnecessary background while still leaving enough to give depth and context.

IMG_1447For this image I stepped back place the subject on the bottom right rule of thirds cross to show the subject in as much context as possible, as opposed to the first image this gives a more pleasing composition as the subject in the center punctures the image making it flat and less interesting where as this frames it nicely and gives it more interest.

IMG_1449Finally I moved in close to the subject filling the frame with the detail of the center of the birdbath, this really picks out the texture and detail in the carving.

This exercise really shows what a difference can make when focusing on a single subject and how changing the frame can create a number of different images and varied interest throughout.


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