Exercise 5: Focal Lengths and Different Viewpoints

For this exercise I used a chunky wooden bench at an angle with a large open area in front of it so as to give me enough room to get each shoot from 300mm and again much closer at 18mm.





This image was taken at 300mm using the angle and depth of the bench to give a good indication on the effects the extreme difference of focal lengths has, when compared to the image below it is obvious the perspective is very different with this image giving the illusion of being flatter with no depth at all, it also spoils the perspective making it seem as there is no distance  between the bench and the trees behind.



Shooting this image at the other end of the scale at 18mm gives a completely different feel to image, it certainly gives the image depth and a better perspective on its surroundings.

In terms of a more pleasing image to look at I feel the wide angle image at 18mm is more pleasant to view as it draws the eye into the depth and its more naturally placed amongst the grass and against the backdrop.


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