Exercise 3: A Sequence of Composition

With this exercise against what was suggested in the course guides I thought attempting to capture my approach and thought process for photographing a particular car at a local classic car show would be interesting and technically difficult as there is a lot to process with the intricate lines and details within the one car and the subtle different each angle makes on the car and its perspective. Seeing this car from around 5 meters away I started the sequence with the image below.

Taking this image when first seeing the car I noticed the tree to my right using this to give the image depth I took the shot, I liked how the tree framed one side of the image however I feel there is to much dead space to the left.


Attempting this image again with the slight variation of taking two small steps to my right I gave the tree what is to much of a dominating position within the image now over powering the car, giving it a more of a secondary importance.


This time from the same position but closing in more on the car I took the image, still with the tree framing the side but I felt the position of the car balanced this nicely.


I then walked forward closing on the focal point creating a tightly framed image focusing on the lines of the car.


I then took a step right using the wing mirror in the bottom left to capture the foreground then drawing the viewers eye along the curves of the bodywork towards the back of the car and around the car.


I then walked forwards towards the back of the car and kneeled down in front of the rear wheel, I liked the look of the curved wheel arch and wheel in contrast to the straight luggage holder at the back and felt the contrast of curve and straight was interesting however there is to much dead space to the right of the image.


I walked slightly further down the car to capture this as I liked the look of this, the difference of the red and back, curves of the wheel and body work and the straight lines of the luggage holder and petrol tank.


I then stood at the back the car and captured this of the spare wheel being framed by the luggage holder and number plate, I like this exposure, its symmetry is interesting and the contrast is pleasing without being harsh.


I then stepped to my right photographing along the side of the car, I used this image to focus on the lines of the bodywork along the side, trying to use the light and shade to bring out the lines however I feel the shade is to much and doesn’t help the image


I then attempted to capture a similar idea as to the previous this time I focused higher slightly, bringing in the roof and adding the contrast in colour to the composition which in turn made it brighter and therefore more successful by showing the lines and curves which I think make this image interesting and aesthetically pleasing to the viewer as it draws you in.


I then doubled back on myself to photograph the same image I was planning on the other side but due to a small group of people I moved to this side, It gives me an interesting image consisting of a number of lines and curves which are interesting.


I then photographed inside the car from the rear, a step closer in towards the car from the previous image and it gives me this underexposed but I think interesting image, with the roof holders in the foreground it gives it context and depth while also the humped lines of the top of the dashboard give an interesting shape to the light and dark.


Stepping back slightly and to my right I focused on the canvas roof trying to show the contrast in colours while also still trying to show the lines and interest in the car.


Walking forward towards the front of the car I kneeled again focusing on these vents and again the contrast of straight and curves while also I like the real difference of red and black and how the worked well together.


I then moved in slightly closer to really focus on these vents, while also using the curve of the wheel arch to add add depth.


Now looking back towards the vents I like the chrome wing mirror and focussing on this I was hoping to bring out the brightness of it coupled with the chrome trim line along the side of the car, I don’t think I was entirely successful in this.


I then walked around the front of the car, hoping to capture an interesting shot of the chrome contrasting with the red and even though this is visible I don’t think its entirely successful and think I was hasty in composing this and not ensuring I got the rest of the bumper considering the space on the right.


I then stepped back and kneeling at the corner of the car I attempted to capture the depth, lines, contrast and colour of the car in a overall shot, I think this angle gives the viewer an interesting and complete view and really helps in making the car stand out against its surroundings.


I then attempted the image again only to try and get tighter on the car but I think by doing this there isn’t a significant enough difference with the previous.


This final composition I believe is an extremely strong image, the tight frame really focuses the eye on the detail and the depth draws you in to explore, I also like the colour, the difference between the colour, shade and highlight work well together and give it an overall deep feel.

I really enjoyed this exercise and found it to be a challenge and made me take more time as I moved and made more considered movements which I think made me take more considered images and hopefully therefore improving them.


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