Exercise 2 – Objects in Different Positions in the Frame

Yesterday I spent the day focused on getting a number of exercises ticked off, starting with this one. On my way to a local classic car show I noticed this lone tree amongst a field, this then offering a clear and defined subject surrounded with an even background. I then quickly and with not much thought snapped the initial shot without giving it to much thought.

IMG_1067This was the first image taken, not giving it much thought I took it dead centre, leaving the horizon pretty central and not taking into thought the subject getting lost in a large amount of foreground in front of and to the sides. I think this is the worst image of the group due to lack of specific context holding the placement of the focal point.


This image was then taken focusing more onto the focal point, giving it a more prominent and dominating position within the frame, this ensures the viewer being drawn to it. However the problem with placing dead center it in this case spoils the composition as the viewers eye is not enticed into the image or drawn anywhere else as it is punctured by the prominent position.


I then took this image and by placing the focal point slightly off center, it creates a far more pleasing composition by enticing the viewers eye slightly more around the image, perhaps across the foreground to the focal point then onto the sky and tree line behind. Also by placing it off center complies with the basics of the rule of thirds which intends to improve composition.


Finally I placed the focal point close to the edge of the exposure creating a lot of space within the image and especially the foreground, this effects the balance of the image quite a bit and doesn’t give the focal point enough context to the right hand side.

After looking at each of these images and analysing there compositions and the impact the placement has on composition I feel that the third image is the best. The focal point fits into the composition and surroundings comfortably and is pleasant on the viewers eye and goes some way to drawing them in across the image.


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