Exercise 4: Editing

So for this exercise I’m going to be using the set of images I took at a local non league football match between Eastleigh FC & Bromley FC, I have chosen these as I think they will give me the best opportunity to show development throughout the shot while also giving me a number of chances to follow sequences in the play.

I started with 345 RAW image files on my 16GB SD card, using my built in card reader I viewed the images using Adobe Lightroom 5. Before importing the images I gave them a once over, selecting the obvious mistakes and deleting them. This then left me with 300 RAW files to import, so selecting the earmarked folder and pressing import I waited for Lightroom to do its stuff.

Now I had all the potential images on the hard drive I set about picking the selects, the best of the images that I feel suit the brief, style and technical qualities required for this style of photography, I did this by using Lightroom’s flagging feature, selecting the negatives due to poor composition, cutting off of legs, arms and the main focal point of the movement. Using the flagged feature enables me to see clearly the remaining group of images which numbers at 41.

See below for the flagged section where I choose the selects.

Technical Edit

As you can see above, this is where I whittled down the 300 to 41, the thumbnails that are greyed over are the rejects, the images that are lighter are the selects and the ones in between have potential but have not jumped out creatively.

I then grouped the selects together to critique them as a group against each other. This enabled me to base them as a strong group allowing the better ones to hopefully stand out.

The Selects

This enabled me to then select the first selects, the best of the group and I did this in the same fashion as the previous step,leaving me with 10 images that I was currently satisfied with.


I chose this image because its an interesting group shot, with good lines, colour and captures a good moment.


This image was chosen and I think it captures a great moment well, along with the composition I think its balanced very well.

IMG_0455 IMG_0472

I picked this first image as it a great capture of a split second moment, composed well keeping the whole goal in the image I think this really sets a scene, along with this second image which I believe the movement and technique of the football are shown really well along with the relationship between the two players.


This image was picked because of the moment it represents, its a great capture of a brief moment of choice between the two players and captures the tackle perfectly.


This photo shows the goalkeeper taking charge of his area and claiming the ball which I think the contrast of the yellow against the rest of the image really sets the subject apart giving this image a real action feel.

IMG_0601 IMG_0623

I chose this first image as I thought it represented an interesting portrait, the identity of the player by his number on the shirt still gives this a personal feel without the face being shown. The second image shows real action and with the player in blue being blurred as he charged down the ball gives it a real feel of speed.


This image was selected as I liked the action of the shot, the lines of the two bodies are also interesting.


This final image of the first selects was chosen due to serious action being shown, the capture of a boot to the head and the pure competitiveness of the players makes this an interesting image.

With these images now picked I stepped away from the process to comeback with a fresh view on the images I had selected and again felt confident in them.

I then from the first selects picked what I think are the two strongest images to then process them for a finished article to present to the client.  I did this by viewing each image in full screen mode allowing me to focus solely on it and after a number of views on image I settled on a pair that I believe showed the action of the game while also being technically sounds and pleasing on the eye.


The image above was chosen as a final image as I think the lines and balance of the image are really pleasing and interesting, drawing the viewers eye from the player in the foreground to the ball and then across the pitch to its potential destination, while also being interested in the 2 players on the left creating a wall in front of the goal. The image also covers all the requirements I set out to achieve, shows the action and is aesthetically and technically pleasing.


Similarly with the first image I found this image to be very interesting and great at showing the illusion of speed and action by keeping the player in red relatively sharp with his leg and the player in blue being slightly blurred to show the speed in which they are moving. I like the action of this photo as it really captures the moment along with the composition and focus on the lines of the player in red.

To summarise on my findings on this exercise, I found it to be very informative and interesting in comparing my normal workflow with the one looked at, it also made me look at other aspects of Lightroom that I hadn’t given much time too to improve my sequence. I will certainly take aspects of this workflow into consideration when working with large numbers of images again, I found the flagging system a simple and yet brilliant tool.


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