Exercise 3: Focus at Different Apertures

Getting home yesterday the only exercise to allude me was this one so after a few ideas I settled on this map of the tube, as its complex lines and colours would make an interesting subject in focus and blurred. This exercise is to demonstrate the difference in aperture from the widest which gives us a shallow DOF (depth of field) to the smallest which in turn gives us a larger depth of field allowing more or all of the subject to be in focus depending on which f-number you use.

ImageThis first image was photographed at f27 and as the picture shows it is well in focus, from the point of focus being Tooting station (middle bottom of the picture) through to the top.

ImageThis image was taken at f11 and again from Tooting station to Clapham Common is in focus while the rest gently blurs away.

ImageThis image was taken at f4 once again the focus is on Tooting so as in the others from there and on the vertical are in focus leading above and below to a gentle blur.


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