Exercise 2: Focus With Set Aperture

Yesterday whilst out I also managed to find an interesting and textured subject to photograph for focus, so having found an interesting angle I proceeded to take a number of shots with my 50mm Prime lens, with the aperture set at f1.8 allowing for a very shallow depth of field I placed the camera on the tripod and composed the image so the back of the old wooden bench passed diagonally through the image.


Focusing further down the wood on the metal bolts and support gives the image depth while also pulling the viewers eye further into the photograph but holds back from showing everything in the distance beyond the bench.


This image again with a very shallow depth of field at f1.8 is cantered more centrally which in turn, as also with movement in an image doesn’t give the image any depth or really aesthetic quality by not drawing in the viewer or taking them around the image.


This image focuses on the nearest part of the wood to the camera really showing the texture the the viewer and the still faintly visible form of the wood gives an illusion of what is there for the viewer to follow.

Having looked and analysed each photograph I have found that the first image, with the focus set further along the wood gives the best composition and most interesting image for a viewer, drawing their eye and also giving more detail to what the subject is. When compared with the other two photographs this one is far more interesting and shows the depth far better.


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