Exercise 1: Focal Length and Angle of View

So yesterday I attempted to get a good start on the art of photography, getting all of the photos for the exercises taken and processed, starting with exercise 1 I choose to photograph a large industrial building from the front as it gave me lines and depth, setting the camera up a fair distance from the building I attempted to match up my view with the cameras, ensuring the building and its proportions were even I took the shot at 28mm using my 18-55mm Canon lens on my 500D, I then proceeded to take an image at 18mm and again using my telephoto lens at 300mm.

300mmThis image was taken at 300mm and shows the size of the windows, roof and above. Showing these in close proximity and when using a larger focal length really constricts your angle of view while also making the subject look larger.


This image was taken at 28mm the focal length that matched with that I was seeing with the other eye, using the verticals and horizontals I was thus able to pinpoint rather precisely the correct focal length.


This final image was taken at the widest view at 18mm, It shows the building looking smaller than what it does from the same position.

Having this morning returned to the same point with each print I have found that holding the standard print at around a foot away from my eyes at eye level produced a match.


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