‘Once more unto the breach’

ShakespeareSo today is the day I received my course guides…I would like to complete the whole degree in a relative speedy yet conscientious fashion so have started with getting all the Level 4 Courses at once knowing I have the time and flexibility to keep up to date as required and coupled with the desire to complete this in a timely fashion I’m confident things should go swimmingly…..fingers crossed!! 

This therefore leads me onto another question…In which possible order do I attack this year? Do I take 4 months on each course one by one or systematically take each part in order(Part 1 of each then 2 and so forth). I have given this a lot of careful thought and come to the point where I still do not have a clue so taking it as it comes I’m going to complete the introduction to AOP and then just crack on with as much gusto on everything as it comes, try to spread myself as best as possible but ensuring I give each my full attention and best shot so heres to the foreseeable future….Im sure its going to be an enjoyable and eye opening experience so as I begin this I shall end with ‘Once more unto the breach, dear friends, once more’.


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